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Kari’s law -- Direct access to 9-1-1 service and multi-line telephone systems




The purpose of this notice is to bring your attention to Kari’s law.  On Sept 1, 2016, this law came into effect.  It is now law in Texas and It requires that a multi-line phone system must connect with the emergency services if the user simply just dials 9-1-1.  It means it must not be required that the user first dial a line access code or number in order to call 911.   Eg  having to dial 9-911 does not comply with the law.

If you haven’t done so yet, it is a good idea to contact your customers and make sure they are in compliance with the law. Even if you are not in Texas, it is most worthwhile sharing this your customers. It just makes good sense.  

If they are OfficeServ customers, give them the assurance that you can configure their system to be fully compliant with Kari’s Law and offer them your services.

If they are not, you have the perfect opportunity to provide them with a Samsung solution.

Provided below is a configuration guide to have Samsung’s LCR functionality route emergency calls when 9-1-1 is detected even without a line selection. If you need help call Tech Support – 508 665 4895.

Use case and full announcement here.

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