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Take your business to the next level by becoming an NTS Direct Partner. You'll reinvent your business by provid­ing new business partnerships, new areas of opportunity, and new consistent sources of income.
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Free Pre & Post Sales Support

Becoming an NTS Direct Partner gives you free pre and post sales support throughout the entire cycle. You will be able to count on a trusted partner through every step of the process.

No Technical Certifications Required

You don't have to worry about technical certifications to partner with us. Because of our extensive grasp on what is required, we train you through technical process, and offer technical support to help guide you through all technical details.

No Annual Revenue Requirements

You don't have to base your business on anything but value to you and your customers with NTS Direct, as there are no annual requirements for revenue. We are here to help you grow with us.

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To become a Certified NTS Direct Partner, contact us to learn more. Call 877-483-5393 or email us at

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